Digital Technology Future – what does this fast-changing technology landscape mean for companies and their customers? How will Digital Tech and Innovation continue to transform lives and business models over the next 5 years? What new and future business opportunities will capture our imagination? Who will be the winners in the next decade?

Winning in 2025

Winning in 2025

From the author of ground-breaking and landmark books on the impact of Digital Tech on business, comes this new work. “Winning in 2025” sets out a roadmap and blueprint to help companies navigate their way through these changing times, it looks at best practices and lessons learned and aims to distil that into a clear set of guidelines and working advice.


How make sense of this mass of ideas, which ones to focus on and prioritise now and which can be left to another day? How to transform and change and capture the key emerging options, how energise and excite and empower teams and employees to embrace all this change and take advantage of it, what are the keys to success?

"highly experienced with unmatched expertise on the Digital scene"

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Michael de Kare-Silver

Michael is one of the world’s leading practitioners and “prophets” on Digital futures. He has a unique reputation as a thought-provoking speaker and consistently receives excellent feedback on his business talks and seminars. He is an Advisor to a number of leading companies and has been recognised by the IDM as “one of the world’s top marketers”.