Digital Technology Future – what does this mean for Business and its customers? How will the internet and mobile environment continue to transform lives and business models over the next 5 years? What is the future opportunity for digital and e-business marketing and communication?

The 2020 Digital Team

Building out the 2020 Digital Team

From the author of ground-breaking and best-selling books on the impact of Digital Tech on business, comes this new work. Building out the Digital team looks specifically at how companies can organise their digital capability over the next 5 years, what sort of team and skills will be required, what will be the roles of the CMO, the CIO and the new Chief Digital Officer, who will best champion this critical area, what are the best practice case studies and what are the lessons learned? In this fast-changing world, every organisation is working through the right solution that best meets its culture, its needs and those of its customers and even with the continuing global uncertainly there is still a business imperative today to evolve and embrace these key Tech advantages.

"highly-experienced with unmatched expertise in the Internet scene"

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Michael de Kare-Silver

Michael is one of the world's leading practitioners and "prophets" on the digital future. He has a unique reputation as a thought-provoking speaker and consistently receives excellent feedback on his business talks and discussions. He was recently recognised in the 2015 IDM review as "one of the world's top marketers".