Winning in 2025

Data & Digital Transformation – the Keys to Success

Winning in 2025

"...a roadmap and blueprint to help companies navigate their way through these changing times..."

Winning in 2025 is also available in most good book stores.

From the author of ground-breaking and landmark books on the impact of Digital Tech on business, comes this new work. “Winning in 2025” sets out a roadmap and blueprint to help companies navigate their way through these changing times, it looks at best practices and lessons learned and aims to distil that into a clear set of guidelines and working advice.

How make sense of this mass of ideas, which ones to focus on and prioritise now and which can be left to another day? How to transform and change and capture the key emerging options, how energise and excite and empower teams and employees to embrace all this change and take advantage of it, what are the keys to success?

There’s no easy answer and every company is at different stages on their transformation journeys, but if some of the ideas and insights here can be adopted and implemented it can provide the platform to succeed and be a winner in 2025!

A number of Business Leaders have added their testimonies about the value and insights to be found in this book and that includes Archie Norman (M&S), Mark Read (WPP), Ashok Vaswani (Barclays) and others.


"Michael de Kare-Silver brilliantly takes us through the much-needed digital transformation journey that all companies need to travel, but few excel at executing. This book is an indispensable reading for top managers."
Mariano de Beer, Chief Commercial Digital Officer at Telefonica S.A

"Every business leader looking at how digital will transform their business should read this. They may find some of the conclusions challenging but they may be spurred into further action to embrace the future."
Mark Read, CEO of WPP

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. Whilst many are daunted by the scale of change required to compete; in my view that change can be exciting because the benefits and added value can be so significant. Most importantly, transformation must be for the benefit of the customer. Organisations need to put the customer at the heart of this journey. Those that truly do, will succeed as they transition to become more digital businesses. Michael's book makes this point – and other great points – strongly and is full of best practice examples from which we can all learn."
Ashok Vaswani, UK CEO, Barclays Bank

"Business Managers need to think about what Michael's vision will mean for their business. The increased knowledge and speed of access that is at the beck and call of all customers is certainly opening up new market opportunities. But it is also increasing competition beyond recognition. Profits come from retaining an advantage against competition. How will your firm protect its position?"
Professor Ken Simmonds, London Business School

"With the unprecedented speed of change, there is a huge need for us to rethink how we transform organisations, engage our people and foster cultures that are future-fit. I recommend Michael's book as it gives great perspective on how we might succeed for 2025 and beyond."
Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer, Unilever

"Digital and Data transformation is now widely recognised as a significant opportunity for most every organisation. Michael’s new book provides a valuable guide and roadmap to help companies navigate these key challenges."
Archie Norman, Chairman, Marks and Spencer