Strategy in Crisis

Why Business Urgently Needs a Completely New Approach.

Strategy in Crisis

"This strategy model will help companies lift themselves to a new level of advantage, growth and profitability..."

Strategy in Crisis is also available in most good book stores. List Price: £35.00.

"There's nothing more important in building businesses than sound and innovative strategic thinking. I found Strategy in Crisis a fresh and important contribution to this crucial subject."
Bruce Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom Inc.

"If it could be made compulsory reading for all Chief Executives, it would make an enormous impact upon many organisations' success in the century to come."
The Right Hon., The Lord Walker of Worcester, MBE, PC, Chairman, Kleinwort Benson Group

"Michael de Kare-Silver pinpoints a number of key facts underplayed or overlooked by conventional strategic management thinking. This ability to redefine conventional business boundaries and ways of adding value will play a major role in strategic success."
Dr Tony Grundy, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University School of Management