e-shock 2000

The electronic shopping revolution: strategies for manufacturers and retailers.

e-shock 2000

"e-shock has been translated into 6 languages and has sold more than 100,000 copies around the world"

e-shock 2000 is also available in most good book stores. List Price: £25.00.

"The real value of interactive marketing is that the information flows both ways. It will be formidably difficult to learn to use this well. To address each consumer as an individual person, not as a member of admass, e-shock highlights these challenges and points the way forward."
Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman of Unilever

"A thought-provoking examination of the impact electronic shopping will have on the way we all buy goods and services. This is an essential read for anyone responsible for the strategic development of a retail business."
Derek Sach, Director, Royal Bank of Scotland

"e-shock provides the necessary food for thought to nurture new perspectives on the role of electronic commerce in the emerging market place for the 21st century."
Raj Srivastava, Professor of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin