Digital Insights 2020

How the Digital Technology Revolution is Changing Business and All Our Lives.

Digital Insights 2020

"...a systematic approach and compelling analysis of the future set of digital technology challenges..."

Digital Insights 2020 is also available in most good book stores.

From the author of the ground-breaking and landmark books e-shock 2000, Strategy in Crisis and Streamlining, comes this breakthrough new work looking at the future of the digital age. It examines how the rapidly developing technology revolution is changing the way business must operate in this unfolding 21st century. It also considers the impact on people and how our daily lives and life styles will change...for ever. In particular there's a blueprint and roadmap showing how companies can navigate their way through the rapidly changing environment and still emerge as winners.

Everything we are used to is changing. Our computer world of point and click is morphing into Think, Talk and Move, where just thought, voice and simple remote gestures will control 3D holographic displays of data, content and video. Companies will need to reinvent themselves as MCEs, "multi-channel enterprises", in which there is seamless cross-channel interaction with customers and they will also need to change the way their operating systems and processes are organized. The shift of consumer spend to online will see traditional retailing under threat as high street bricks 'n mortar economics are undermined.

Expect massive changes among retailers and also the commercial property companies as they restructure their portfolios. New advances in the Cloud will cut costs and time to market and challenge decades of IT infrastructure. Technology generally is now becoming the key source of enablement and competitive advantage.


"Any business leader wondering how digital will transform their business should read Digital Insights 2020. They may find the conclusions disturbing but they may be spurred into action to embrace the future."
Mark Read, CEO WPP Digital and Group Director

"Every business manager needs to think about what Michael's vision will mean for their business. The increased knowledge and speed of access that will be at the beck and call of ever more consumers will certainly open up new markets. But it will also increase competition beyond recognition. Profits come from retaining an advantage against competition. How will your firm protect its position?"
Professor Ken Simmonds, London Business School

"This book does a powerful job of highlighting the disruptive nature of technology. How it has led to the dramatic changes taking place in Media, Technology and especially the consumer landscape to-date and how it will continue with even more velocity over the next decade. Companies that understand and leverage this in their business models will benefit. Others will perish. With Unilever's ambition to fully decouple growth from environmental footprint, emerging technologies will have to play a key role."
Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

"An invigorating and substantially insightful must-read. This book is a very informative tool that will help you and your organisation capitalise on the rapid technology advancements over the next 10 years. This is your critical insiders' guide to navigating the digital revolution!"
Gareth Hosford, Global Director at Nike.